Island People

The articles included on this page have been written by Isle of Wight people and, in most cases, give a brief history of Island people. They are listed here in chronological order (by date). Click on a link below to jump to a specific article.


Sir John Simeon – Catholic M.P. for the Isle of Wight

Early Bishops of Portsmouth

Mass at Island Martyrs’ memorial

Caedwalla – an Isle of Wight saint?

St. Jerome

St Dominic – 850th anniversary

Josephine Ward and Maisie Ward Sheed

Knights of St. Columba – 70th Anniversary on the IoW

Catholic Gifts and Vestments

Priest and Poet – Gerard Manly Hopkins and the Isle of Wight

St. Boniface

Father Brian Coogan – 70th Anniversary of his Ordination

Diamond Jubilee of Canon Dermot McDermot-Roe (Curate of St. Mary’s, Ryde, 1951-64)

Siegfried Sassoon and the Isle of Wight by Edmund Matyjaszek

Alfred Noyes – Poet

Guglielmo Marconi

Bishop William Timothy Cotter

Bishop John Baptist Cahill

Lady Louisa Dillon-Fitzgibbon (1823-98)

Sir John Simeon (1815-70)

Fr. John Telford (1814-1865)

Helen Jane Gladstone (1814-80)

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

Life of Elizabeth, Countess of Clare, – Foundress of St. Mary’s Church, Ryde

Richard Waldo Sibthorpe (1792-1879)

John Keats and the Isle of Wight

Elizabeth Heneage (1734 – 1800)

Was Shakespeare a Catholic?

Isle of Wight Martyrs – Blessed Robert Anderton and Blessed William Marsden

St. Wilfrid and the Makers of England

St. Wilfrid in Sussex

St. Wilfrid’s Chapel in the London Oratory

St. Wilfrid’s Church, Ventnor

The Story of Eoppa, the First Known Missionary on the Isle of Wight