Quarr Abbey Pilgrimage

The annual pilgrimage from Ryde to Quarr Abbey (organised by the IoW Catholic History Society) was held on Sunday 8th September. This annual walk (or pilgrimage) started in 1882 when Catholics walked from Ryde to the Medieval Cistercian ruins to pray for the return of monastic life at Quarr. Little did those people realise at the time, that their prayer would be answered within 30 years, when the Benedictine monks arrived to built the present abbey on the adjacent site. The annual pilgrimage this year attracted a smaller number of walkers due to the weather.

The first stop en route was at the Church of the Holy Cross at Binstead, which has a close historical association with Quarr Abbey. After tea and cakes there was a talk on the history of the church by Hilary Spurgeon (the Church Reader). The next stop was at the Medieval ruins, where walkers studied a map of the Cistercian ruins identifying the various parts of the old abbey.

September 8th is the Patronal Feast at Quarr Abbey (both the Medieval and the present abbey are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin), and this was the main theme of the talk in the abbey church by Fr. Luke Bell OSB. Afterwards, prayers were led by Fr. Jonathan Redvers Harris. The day concluded with the Service of Vespers and Benediction.

See the County Press (13th September) for a brief report and photograph.

The Catholic Herald (which likes to publicise pilgrimages) has also carried a report (with a photograph).