Raising awareness
of the Catholic history
of the Island

Welcome to the web site of the Isle of Wight Catholic History Society, established on the Feast of St. Wilfrid, Patron of the Island, in 2001 by Fr. David Buckley, Dean of the Isle of Wight, and with the approval and the blessing of His Lordship Bishop Crispian Hollis of Portsmouth. The patron of the society is Bishop Declan Lang of Clifton, a former Vicar – General of the Portsmouth Diocese, and a native of Cowes, who is familiar with the Catholic history of the Island.

The society seeks to raise awareness of the Catholic history and culture of the Island. We welcome contributions from anyone who can assist with this objective.

As our society is keen to promote the history of Catholicism on the Island, you will find relevant information on the various pages of this website. At Quarr Abbey and at St. Mary’s, Ryde there are regular guided tours at different times of the year. For further information contact us on:
Telephone: 01983 566740
Mobile: 07790892592
E-mail: iow-chsREMOVE@outlook.com

For other Island churches contact the individual parish office / presbytery. These can be found on the Island website:

CHS Booklets & DVDs

Publications by the society

SECTION ONE — The people who inspired and promoted the Catholic Faith on the Island by their example, determination, fortitude and generosity

St. Wilfrid – Patron of the Isle of Wight £1-00
1350th anniversary of the First Known Missionary on the Island £1-00
Story of the Isle of Wight Martyrs £2-50
Elizabeth Heneage £2-00
Life of William Ward £2-50
Ryde to Rome £3-00
Sir John Simeon £2-50

Life of Helen Gladstone £2-50

Rev. Richard Sibthorpe £1-00
St. John Henry Newman and the Isle of Wight £2-50
Bishop John Baptist Cahill £2-00
Bishop William Cotter £2-00
Gugliemo Marconi £2-00
Alfred Noyes – Island Catholic Writer £2-00
Early Bishops of Portsmouth £3-00

SECTION TWO — Some of our Island churches

St. Mary’s Church, Ryde £2-00
The Lady Chapel of St. Mary’s £1-50
St. Dominic’s Priory, Carisbrooke £2-50

St. Michael’s Church, Bembridge £2-00
The Treasures of St. Michael’s Church, Bembridge £1-00
Holy Cross Church, Seaview £2-00

SECTION THREE — Our Lady / Walsingham

The Rosary – England’s Prayer £3-00
Walsingham – England’s Nazareth £2-00
Our Lady of Walsingham £2-00

England: The Dowry of Mary – Meaning & Mission
– A4 size £5-00
– A5 size £3-50

SECTION FOUR — Pilgrimages of Faith and Devotion

A Wight Reformation £6-00
Praise through Poetry £4-00
Rome – Pilgrimage £2-00

Durham and Holy Island Pilgrimage Free
Poland Pilgrimage Free
Bishops of Arundel & Brighton Diocese £4-00

DVDs available from the Island CHS

Our society has the following DVDs which are available for people to borrow (at no cost) to view with their family, friends or parish groups / societies:

  • St. Anne Line (one of the 40 martyrs of England & Wales)
  • Jerusalem – Lost treasures of the Ancient World
  • The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Mass
  • Inside the Vatican Mary’s “Arise once more” – Reviving Catholic Britain
  • “Hostia” – The Power and Presence of the Eucharist
  • Confession – The Forgotten Sacrament
  • Skellig Michael – Early Monasticism in Ireland
  • Finding Fatima – Seek and you will find

  • The Dome of Home (Restoring the Past / Building for the Future)
  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • Rome and the Vatican
  • Queenship in the Bible
  • Fire & Sword – Crusades
  • Our Lady of Czestochowa
  • Our Lady of Walsingham
  • Fatima – The Great Sign

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Please contact the society for any booklets or to borrow any of the DVDs.

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