The Priory School of Our Lady of Walsingham

The Priory School at Whippingham is an independent co-educational day school for boys and girls from 4-18 years, founded in 1993, and, although non- denominational, is run with a distinct Christian ethos.


Built by the Queen of England: dedicated to the Queen of Heaven” is one of the statements of Priory School, founded in 1993, with origins in the junior school of Upper Chine. The independent school moved to the Whippingham site, in East Cowes parish, in 2012, and seeks to maintain a Christian ethos. To help nurture this Christian nature, the School, from this September, is to have its name extended to “the Priory School of Our Lady of Walsingham”.


The Principal, Edmund Matyjaszek (one of our society members) sees Mary’s “yes” – her free choice – at the Annunciation, as lying at the heart of the shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, founded in 1061 in Norfolk — and known as “England’s Nazareth”.


This is now the only senior school in England to be dedicated to Our Lady of Walsingham and it has met with the enthusiastic approval of Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth (who was enthroned of the Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham, 2012), Mgr. Keith Newton (Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham) and Mgr. John Armitage (Custodian of the Basilica at Walsingham).


The Island now has not only this school dedicated to Our Lady, but also the abbey of Quarr (present and Medieval), as well as its largest Catholic church, that of St. Mary’s in Ryde High Street.

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